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How to Write a Job Description to Attract the Right Volunteers

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

Volunteer job descriptions are an important tool when placing volunteers in a position with your organization. They provide clear expectations and detailed responsibilities of each volunteer position. This gives volunteers the information they need to decide if the role is a good fit for them and it provides your organization with the means to hold volunteers accountable, benefitting both the volunteers and the organization.

Make it Inspiring

Job descriptions tend to be dull and mundane. Turn up the excitement to transform a volunteer job description into a moving call to action. Include details on how each duty positively impacts your organization and those you serve. People volunteer because they want to make a difference so they need to know that even if their job is filing papers, it helps the organization fulfill its mission.

Job Title

Make your volunteers feel important by assigning them a designated role and title. Job titles should accurately encapsulate the role and be one volunteers will be proud to tell their friends about.

Duties and Responsibilities

Clearly outlining the duties and responsibilities of the position provides the volunteers with straightforward expectations. Knowing this information ahead of time prepares volunteers for their role. Use bullet points and describe one duty at a time.

Time Requirements

Give realistic hours required per day/week/month. Also, provide a time frame for when the position begins and ends.


Include the primary location in which the work will take place.

Work Environment

Describe the tools that will be needed for the job and what the physical requirements are. Include a dress code here if necessary.

Skills & Qualifications

Keep this section short and to the point. Only address the essential skills and qualifications needed.

Orientation & Training

You do not have to go into detail here but do provide a timeline for orientation and training so the volunteer knows what to expect.

Supervision & Support

This is a great way to reassure volunteers they will not be sent in blindly. Include their immediate supervisor's name and contact information.

How to Apply

If posting this job description on volunteer seeking websites and forums, be sure to include a link to the application and give instruction on how to apply.

Does the thought of creating job descriptions for all of your volunteer positions overwhelm you? That is what I am for! As part of the many services I provide, I will work with you to learn about your organization and the roles you seek volunteers for. From there, I can create job descriptions for all of these roles. Let's chat to see if my services are a good fit for your organization.

Thank you for reading!

Rose Tatum

Volunteer Program Specialist

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